Update January 2023

For a while now I have been experiencing severe tiredness. In July my doctor ordered a sleep study took till October to get scheduled for home study after insurance would not pay for an over night study.

As a result of that home study I had to have an over night sleep study done January 16. Meet with my doctor yesterday and results are not good. I am having episodes of apnea more than 90 times in a five hour period along with episode where I just forget to breathe. As a result I am going to have to start sleeping with a cpap with pressure setting of 13. Now I am waiting on receiving the machine.

I fall asleep constantly and have run more behind than ever. As soon as I can I will respond to all your requests as I can get to them. Please be patient with me. There is no one else other than me that does the bookings . Right now I am working on getting out February booking paperwork.

Thank you, Kathie


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