Date Available August 2022 thru November 2022

June 23, 2022

Below you will find a list of available dates. Dates cannot be combined to make up another time period. Each date posted is what is available at the time you are looking but change at any time as I book them.

Please remember to put in your email subject booking and the dates you are requesting. All applicants must submit a complete application: Including all applicable parts of application form filled out, 501c3 IRS determination letter or group exemption letter with letter from group holder stating you are part of their group exemption. Unfortunately, if your church has not applied for this status and been granted it, you can not apply for our program.

Reminder maximum occupancy per unit is 6. We do not book more than one unit per application. No Exceptions please.

August Dates Available

  • August 28- Sept 8

September Dates Available

  • September 8-19
  • September 10-21
  • September 30- Oct 7

October Dates Available

  • October 20-31
  • October 26- Nov 6
  • October 30- Nov 10

November Dates Available

  • November 1-12
  • November 2-13
  • November 8-19
  • November 12-23
  • November 14-25
  • November 25- Dec 6
  • November 27- Dec 8
  • November 28- Dec 9