AUGUST dates Available now

The following dates are now open for August 2019

  • AUGUST 1-11, 2019 , UNIT 1
  • AUGUST 1-12, 2019, UNIT 3
  • AUGUST 12-23,2019, UNIT 4
  • AUGUST 13-24,2019, UNIT 3
  • AUGUST 18-29, 2019, UNIT 2

5 Responses to AUGUST dates Available now

  1. kbpowell says:


    I appreciate you getting back to me about August dates but that was not what I was looking for..

    What I would like to know is whether or not my application has been accepted?

    Thank You

    Ken Powell


    • besidestillwaters says:

      Ken, I just printed out November schedule a few days ago. What dates work best for you?. Your application is accepted just need to work out the dates.

  2. kate tamburo says:

    Hi. Trying to find out if my application for October was accepted. My friend needs to book her work dates off so I don’t have to come by myself.
    Thank you
    Katherine Tamburo

    • besidestillwaters says:

      I just booked your request for October 14 – 22, 2019. Did you notice the changes in our program costs?
      Now there is an application fee $25, cleaning fee $125 , refundable deposit $250 & required donation of $250.00. For a total of $650.

      • kate tamburo says:

        Yes I did. Thank you so much for the reply. The additional fee is no problem. I’m grateful for the opportunity. I look forward to receiving the information packet. Hope you are feeling well today.

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