September 17, 2015: Changes coming October 1, 2015 ( Update ) Email changed

August 28, 2015

Hi Everyone,

As you know I have been battling illness for quite a while now. Due to this and changes we are implementing I want to give you a heads up. We are closing our office at 1111 9th Ave. W. Ste E., Bradenton as of October 1st ,2015. The TFF office will now be run from our COO’s  Elaine Ackel’s home and the BSW Program will be run from my home.  Due to my Common Variable Immune Deficiency I am having to limit my exposure to others. Unfortunately, We are going to have to switch email providers starting very soon. After I sent out this notice before we have decided to go with it works better with the outlook program we have been using for years, so my new email is and new fax number is now up and running.  New fax number is 941-677-6023. I am in the process of making the necessary changes to the application and the website.

At this time we are almost completely moved out of the office, Mail sent to the office address will be forwarded to Elaine’s Home Address and then she will get it to me. If you need to mail anything to me for BSW here is my address:

Katherine Kittsmiller
BSW Program
26315 82nd Ave East
Myakka City, FL 34251

I will continue to update you as changes are made. I am working on a new application form that is a fillable form.

Thank you for your patience during these changes.,