FYI – My Illness Updated June 29, 2016

August 23, 2012

Since May of 2012 I have been battling severe colitis which has made it very difficult for me to get to the office and process applications. If I do not get back to you , just to let you know I am the only one in the office that handles Beside Still Waters, The phone only rings in my office. Since a flair up in Mid August  I have been back stuck at home again. Email is the best way to communicate with me at this time.  I will do my best to handle any applications received. I have been have many tests to find out why this is happening and now I am anemic and having problems with that, I am now seeing another doctor for the anemia and they have started me on IV Iron Infusions to hopeful get my Iron levels up to a normal range.

As of February 2013 , I am still having to work from home due to this illness. I will do my best to schedule requests as they come in. Please note that if application is faxed to the office there will be a delay since I can not get up there and have to wait till my husband can go for me a pick up any paperwork that comes in. So as of now scanning application and attaching to email is the best method to get paperwork to me quickest.

As of March 14, 2013, I am still very ill. At this time I may not be able to respond to all requests. My GI doctor at this point has not been able to get control of my colitis. I have consulted another physician who is trying to get me admitted to a teaching hospital such a Mayo or the Cleveland Clinic as soon as possible. Medications have not been working and I can not leave the house at this point. I am on large doses of Prednisone and have very little energy since I am not sleeping well at all.

As of April 12. I am headed to Westin , Florida on Sunday to go to the Cleveland Clinic there, I do not know when I will be back home.  I may take some work with me but if I do it will only be the applications that I have already booked that need there acceptance paperwork completed and emailed out.

As of June 4, 2013, I am doing better, I am getting IV infusions of Remicade, and slowly getting off the Prednisone , Now down to 15mg from 40mg. I am doing as much as possible to process applications, Unfortunately since being ill for so long I get worn out very quickly. I have so many applications in process I just can not resond to all the multible emails requesting updates on applications. Please do not email me over and over, if I have one email to address instead of multible from the same person it will be much easier for me. I am slowly trying to go thru all the emails , but I can not give you an update on an application that I have not been able to process yet. I will post on the blog if I schedule your request or I may email you also.

Unfortunately I’m not doing well again. My ulcertive colitis has flared up again. At this time I am unable to process any applications. If I already. have your app if i am able i will contact you.

As of August 21, I am back in the office part time. I am doing better at this time. I am at this time working on booking September and October dates and will start booking November and December dates in the next week or so.

As November 5, 2013, Today I started Physical Therapy. My energy level has been so low I can not tolerate being up and moving for very long. Just going to the grocery store wipes me out. Hoping therapy will help get me back up and mobile. I am working from home once again, so please try to email applications for quickest processing.

As of March 2014, I am still working from home. I start to feel better then I have a set back. Energy level is still very low. Right now I am working on bookings thru June 2014. April has only one opening left. I try to reply to as many emails as possible. Please note some days I may not be able to .  On top of the colitis , I get Migraine Headaches that make me stay away from computer some times. Also please note phone at BSW  office is not monitored at this time.

Update on Monday Feb 16, 2015, I had my remicade iv treatment and labs were drawn. On Feb 17, I received a call from the doctors office stating that my blood sugar was 519, normal being around 105 . I immediately called my primary doctors office and made an appointment for Friday and left message for my dr.  I checked my Blood sugar and was shocked to see 540. So at this time I am working on getting control of my Blood sugars and finding out why this is happening. I am trying my best to answer as many email as possible, I am at this time asking for no more application until May 15, 2015. I will continue to process applications I have already received as I can. All applications on the scheduled approved list will be taken care of as soon as possible.
As of March 6 , 2015 , I am asking all applicants to please give me till after May 15 to email any more requests. I am currently having vision problems due to the diabetes. My eye doctor says it will take about 4-6 weeks to normalize. I am also having a medical procedure on April 10th at Cleveland clinic at Weston, Florida

On April 10th, 2015, I had a follow up colonoscopy at Cleveland Clinic Westin Florida. about a week after I received a call from dr’s Office . I tested positive for CVID ( Common Variable Immune Defienciency) and that I need to see a Infectious Disease Dr for treatment. I am not sure what the treatments will be. I go to see the specialist on May 19, Until further notice I will book those that I can and respond as I can to emails. Please be Understanding in this difficult time.

Update from now on I will be working from home and limiting my contact with people. I am very susceptible to illnesses and infections since my new diagnosis of CVID ( Common Variable Immune Defieinciency) My t-cells and my B-cells are abnormally low.

Quick update, had my fourth colonoscopy on June 15, unfortunately it was not good new. I have a lot of active inflammation in my colon and he also saw some in small intestines. So having more testing done to double check on whether I have crohn’s or ulcerative colitis.  If ulcerative colitis  he said I may need to have a colectomy done to remove my colon. Awaiting test results now.

Thank You