Past Guest comments

October 7, 2008

If you have stayed at Beside Still Waters please feel free to leave a comment for others to see.

                                                                                Thank You, Kathie

IMPORTANT Booking info

October 6, 2008

In order to book dates:

  • Completed Application must be received including reference on church letter head, reference form and appropriate IRS (US Treasury) paperwork  ( State Tax Paperwork or Tax exempt Certificate is not acceptable) If your church is part of a group exemption we need a letter from the group exemption holder stating that your church is currently part of their group exemption.
  • Please make sure your reference is on church or organization letterhead.
  • Please make sure you list yourself on Page 6 of application and the ages of all guests.
  • As of January 2009 we can no longer accept Canadian Checks. Payment can be made via Paypal using visa or Mastercard. Or USD Money Order
  • We need at least two weeks prior to dates to process application
  • All Cleaning/Maintenance Fee and Deposit must be received 30 days prior to Arrival
  •  ( 1-2 Guests $150, 3-4 Guests $200 or 5-6 Guests $250 ) Fee increase effective as of August 1st,  2011.
  • Any application received after August 1st, 2011 will incure the new fee amounts.
  • Dates will go to the first complete approved application that requests them.
  • Dates on Blog are not flexible.
  • Applicant’s guests can be children or adults. All children incuding infants count toward number of guests. Applicant counts as 1st guest then up to 5 additional guests can be added. Additional cleaning fees and deposits will apply according to fees listed above.

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