New Beside Still Waters Application ( Required Version)

February 25, 2021

Beside Still Waters Application 2021 v1 Word

Beside Still Waters Application 2021 v1 (PDF)

December 2021 thru April 2022, dates available

September 11, 2021

December 2021

  • December 1-12
  • December 2-13
  • December 4-15
  • December 10-21
  • December 14-25
  • December 15-26
  • December 16-27
  • December 23- January 3, 2022
  • December 27- January 7, 2022
  • December 28 – January  8, 2022
  • December 29- January 9, 2022

January  2022

  • January 5-16, 2022
  • January 9-20,  2022
  • January 10-21,  2022
  • January 18-29, 2022
  • January 22- February 2, 2022
  • January 23- February 3, 2022
  • January 24- February 4, 2022
  • January 31- February 11, 2022

February 2022

  • February 4-15, 2022
  • February 5-16, 2022
  • February 6-17, 2022
  • February 13-24, 2022
  • February 17-28, 2022
  • February 18- March 1, 2022
  • February 19- March 2. 2022
  • February 26- March 9, 2022

March 2022

  • March 2-13, 2022
  • March 3-14, 2022
  • March 4-15, 2022
  • March 15-26, 2022
  • March 16-27, 2022
  • March 17-28, 2022
  • March 28- April 8, 2022
  • March 29- April 9, 2022
  • March 30- April 10, 2022

APRIL 2022

  • April 6-17, 2022
  • April 10-21, 2022
  • April 11-22, 2022
  • April 12-23, 2022
  • April 19-30, 2022

Date Available: September 2021 – November 2021

September 7, 2021

September 2021

  • No longer accepting applications for September dates

October 2021

  • October 23 to November 3, 2021

November 2021

  • November 5-11
  • November 18-29
  • November 19-30
  • November 21- December 2
  • November 27- December 8

Please put month you are requesting in the subject line

August 28, 2021

Please remember to put month you are requesting in the subject line if waiting to be booked. This way I can search for the months I am booking.

Lately I have been getting some meals thru hellofresh

August 7, 2021

Every once in a while I get a free box to give to anyone who has not tried hellofresh before. If you are interested in a free box drop me an email. If I do not have a free box at the time , I can send you a $100 off offer. This is for new customers only. Let me know how it goes. Right now I am doing the 2 person meal , 2 times a week. We are a family of four so I get 2 of the 2 meal kits. It the smallest order they take at this time. I tried dinnerly and got bad produce with both orders. I like the way hellofresh packages the meals so far the best.

When paying your fees please wait at least till 30 days prior to your booking date as I only have 90 days to issue refunds thru square.

July 29, 2021

Please note all fees should be paid in one combined payment thru our payment page. When I send you your booking paperwork approximately 30 days before your booking I include instructions for paying the fees.

Beside Still Waters Application: a few rules

February 13, 2021

If you are in full time ministry position and meet the requirements for our program please feel free to submit an application. I accept applications via, email attachment, Fax 941-677-6023 or your application may be mailed to me at: BSW Program, c/o Katherine Kittsmiller, 26315 82nd Ave East, Myakka City, FL 34251. When Emailing please note in subject line dates you are requesting. I work from my home so please be aware that there is no phone line for BSW. I give out my cell number to booked applicants only in their acceptance packet so until I have you booked please communicate via email. If updated available dates are not posted you can still send in an application and I can and will try to address all request as soon as possible. Please note: I work from home due to on going illness. In May 2012 I was diagnosed with Ulcertive Colitis and continue to have ongoing issues due to this that may cause delays. One day can be good and then it goes down hill.

The following changes are now in effect: Complete current version of application required for all applicants including IRS paperwork and reference.and signed agreement.

Maximum Stay starting in January 2019 will be 10 full days. So when putting in an application the day you arrive and the day you depart will no longer count towards your days.

  • Please Note: I will email you if I am able to book your request, due to my ongoing illness as I am able to look thru applications, I will book the ones that I can. I have unfortunately not been able to keep up with all the requests. So unfortunately I can not always update you on the status of your application.
  • Please note : Repeat applicant my apply once every 24 months only . Please note we reserve the right to limit number of repeat bookings we will accept.
  • I will book applications that are complete ( Application Pages 3-7 Completely filled out , Reference letter on Church or Organization letterhead, IRS 501(c)3 Paperwork or Canadian equivalent. or Canadian Registry Number) Must be included with all applications.
  • Please mark each page with last name , first Initial please if your name is not already on it. Including your IRS 501(c) 3 determination letters
  • Please note I am working from home from now on, please email your scanned application , fax it to 941-677-6023 please no pictures of applications

Please note our office is closed on Friday- Sunday and on holidays. You can always send in complete applications for the months I am not booking and I will book requests as soon as I can.

  • Effective Immediately we can no longer book more than on unit per application and maximum number of people in unit per application remains 6 ( including all children)
  • Booking are processed only once a completed approved application and all require paperwork is received .Please Note: I will randomly select applications to approve. Do not ask us to hold dates.
  • It is up to the applicant to make sure all required paperwork is received. It is best to send all paperwork at one time, Also please do not send paperwork multiple times and one method only (Fax, Snail Mail or Attachment) please. As I have had multiple applications I have worked on only to notice I already was working on it via another copy of application.

Recent health update

December 19, 2019

Still dealing daily with my ulcerative colitis and on December 4, I was hospitalized with inflammation of the pancreas and increase in liver enzymes. I was discharged on December 7, 2019. As of labs drawn on Thursday December 12, my pancreas is still inflamed and I am currently experiencing abdominal discomfort due to this. I am currently running behind with bookings and responding to email as I can . Please be patient with me at this difficult time . Thank you, Kathie

New: Required $250.00 Donation

January 19, 2019

After a board meeting earlier this month , I unfortunately must now ask all applicants for a minimum donation of $250 to be added to all fees for a total upfront cost change effective immediately. Now all applicants will need to make a Minimum Donation of $250.00 in addition to the $25 Application Fee, $125.00 Cleaning Fee and the $250 Refundable Deposit for a total Upfront cost of a minimum of $650.00 per Booking.

Beside Still Waters Square payment link

November 21, 2018

New link as of February 27, 2020.

Old link should forward to new host site